GGP Roofing Services Ltd carry out specialist repair work on cast iron guttering and downpipes systems from cleaning, stripping, renewing and carrying out yearly maintenance work. We work with a great selection of cast iron OG guttering system and half round guttering system. We also use UPVC guttering system and carry out necessary repairs, replacements and cleaning of gutters.

Cast Iron benefits
• Cast iron has a fantastic long life expectancy if it is maintained correctly it will last you a lifetime
• This will give a long term solution to a great guttering system
• Comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes i.e. half round, rectangular, moulded, etc
• Strong and durable
• Cast iron has a proven life span in excess of 50 years, and it is not uncommon for it to exceed 100 years
• Cast iron is a Greenpeace recommended drainage material


Minimal maintenance: cast iron guttering and down pipe systems require little maintenance. It only periodically needs painting approximately every 5 years (depending on climate conditions and location).

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