GGP Roofing Services Ltd have a vast expeience in brick repointing, stone repointing and lime repointing. At some stage in the life of your home, the mortar between your masonry will need repointing or you may want to improve the overall look, character and the value of your property then look no further we are an experience roofing company that offers excellent workmanship for all your repointing and roofing needs.

Pointing is the term given to the ‘finish’ that is between the bricks or stone used to build your house. Depending on the age of the building, the mortar which was used to lay the stone or brick will either be made from lime, or more recently, cement. The issue of pointing is one which causes irreparable damage to older buildings if done wrongly, and it is important to understand what the mortar joints actually do for the fabric of the house.

How can you tell if your house needs re-pointing
• If you can run your finger along the brickwork lines and it starts to crumble
• if there is parts missing or loose in the pointing
• You will see little bits of fallen cement around the base of your walls

If you have a house that needs repointing or have any other roofing work needing attention then GGP Roofing Services Ltd are the company for you.

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